The video commons

The commons is the collected body of creative artwork and knowledge shared and made freely available for others to use. Video commons is the unchartered part of the commons that concerns animations, films, and other videos. Preliminary research shows there are around 19 million videos freely available in the video commons.

Video: ‘Everything is a Remix Part 1’ by Kirby Ferguson (CC BY-SA)

Mapping the commons

We map the video commons by creating and publishing an index of freely available videos. In the process op mapping, we identify provenance and license information of these videos. By use of our index, this information becomes easily accessible and easy to use.

Image: ‘Tube map’ by Maurice Svay (edited by KL) (CC BY-NC-SA)

Video mapping

Fingerprinting algorithms

Supporting the video commons

We develop algorithms for video fingerprinting and support the process of standardisation of fingerprint algorithms and formats. By adding the fingerprints to our index of the video commons, we create a whitelist of known openly licensed videos. This whitelist can inform and provide clarity on videos in the commons.

Image: ‘Fingerprints’ by Anatoly Zenkov (edited by KL) (CC BY-NC)