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Videorooter has developed algorithms for fingerprinting videos. In this blogpost we explain more about our algorithm. When designing an algorithm, you always have to balance between achieving high accuracy in testing, with the least amount of false positives (you can find more explanation in this blogpost). We have developed an algorithm, but acknowledge that our algorithm is one of many possible. Some work better than others in certain cases; different algorithms serve different purposes. If you’re curious about ours, here we explain how you can test it.

Videorooter is a project initiated by Commons Machinery and Kennisland. It draws on knowledge from Commons Machinery’s previous project, which focused on fingerprinting hashes for images and an implementation thereof. Though images and videos have very different (and specific) characteristics, they also share a lot in common.

In September, Kennisland and Commons Machinery organise a meeting in Amsterdam in which they want to invite as many parties as possible who work on open fingerprinting technology. We are interested in both algorithms for unique identification of images as well as of videos and in implementations of the algorithms such as a reversed image search or annotation. In this meeting, we hope want to discuss standardisation of fingerprinting hashes.

We aim to work on the development of open standards that allow industry partners to share results of fingerprinting algorithms with each other. By creating a way to communicate the identifying outcomes of the different algorithms used, we aspire to create a marketplace of sharing fingerprints. This way, the means to build new tools and services on top of a shared resource can be created and stimulated.

The meeting that we organise is an open meeting in which we aim to brainstorm together with partners in the field about creating open standards for communicating fingerprints.

The meeting will take place in Amsterdam, September 14-15 (dates are open for change).

If you’re interested in this meeting, please contact us at!

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  1. Mario Pena
    26th May 2016

    Hi there,

    This is Mario from SafeCreative, online copyright registration system. We are interested in this issues as many of our users kind of encourage us to find ways to create open fingerprinting systems.



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