Videorooter API now with Europeana data

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Software

Just a few quick words before the weekend: the Videorooter API backend has now been updated with our simple data model, and been feeded with videos from Europeana. It’s currently working its way through fingerprinting all of the videos that we’ve loaded it with so far, but there are already about 3,500 videos which can be worked with.

Just to give one example, you can download Oosterschelde wordt afgesloten from Open Beelden and make a fingerprint for it using our experimental video fingerprint algorithm. You can search for the work given the fingerprint, for instance by doing:

$ curl
[{"href": "", "distance": 8}]

The command will return a list of matched works in our database, with an indication of the relative distance between our source work and your query (less than 10 is good, less then 30 acceptable, but the higher the number, the less certain you can be that you’ve found the right video). If you subsequently query the URL returned for the work itself, you’ll get what information we currently have in our database in a json format which include the license information, source URL, title, description and credit:

$ curl

(You may want to pretty print the output with json_pp as the current API for compatibility reasons is a bit verbose.. changes forthcoming!)

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